Fall Force Calculator

Climber's weight (kg):

Rope Elongation (% at 80 kg):    Some Examples...

Rope out (m):

Distance to last piece of pro (m):

Rope/Carabiner Friction factor (.3-.7):    

(This number is not the coefficient of friction- rather a factor

describing the net effect. Its value is controversial- Petzl says .66)

Peak force on climber: kN

Peak force on belayer: kN

Peak force on protection: kN

Impact load factor (g-Force) on climber: g

Climbing Gear Strength Ratings

Note: This is a simplified calculation that ignores many
important parameters, such as dynamic belays, wet or icy ropes,
and local gravity perturbations. It's complicated.

This is intended for educational
purposes only. Not rated for actual climbing use.